Will margin and white space ever have a color option?

Hello, new linux mint user here.

I know about the hiding white space option and setting the margins to 0", but I would really like to have both and being able to change their color as well.

I love to write in a dark blue page with white text, and having the extra space surrounding it allows me to focus better.

Starting with 6.3 (to be released on August), page background will apply to the whole page, including margins.

EDIT 1: Corrected typo

EDIT 2: Do you want the page background to print or only while writing? If you need the color only when you edit the document, check Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Application Colors where you can change the color of the application, not the document.

Good news, but how does it behave? Printers have mechanical margins necessary to grab, guide and drive sheets. This area is non-printable; consequently it will remain white (not very nice unless you trim paper but that reduces the size of the document). Printers capable to print edge to edge are quite rare, at least in consumer-grade family.

@ajlittoz I don’t know, I don’t a have printer :slight_smile:


but how does it behave? Printers have mechanical margins necessary to grab …

All true. Still, the change to fix tdf#33041 is already merged (it was implemented in tdf#112195 actually), without any compatibility option AFAIK. It simply doesn’t take printing device capabilities into consideration. In the end, it may be considered no worse than in other applications that allow filling the whole page…

I read both tdf’s and see that the intent is geared towards screen display, not printing. The issue with structural mechanical margins remains, but my objection is then out of context. The fix will allow to simulate coloured paper, good.

Thank you so much for the application colors option. It’s just for the writing portion so this helps out a lot.

Here’s a workaround.

Make a rectangular image with the colour you like (e.g. use LO Draw or The GIMP for that). Save it as a file.

Insert and anchor this image in the header of the page styles. Enlarge as necessary to cover the whole page area.

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