Will Microsoft Office be able to open my LibO documents?

If I open my LibO documents, via email or USB, on other computers with Microsoft Office installed (without LibO) will they be opened correctly?

Thanks a lot.

In general, most of the latest versions of MS-Office can open documents created in LibreOffice.

There are sometimes some compatibility issues. Here are a few questions about some of the ongoing issues.

In general, if you need to guarantee compatibility, I’d suggest that you stick with ODF 1.0/1.1 (.odt, .ods) or the binary .doc/.xls formats.

As per this page on Wikipedia, ODF is supported in MS Office since version 2007 (with latest updates). There exist also plugins for earlier versions (at least 2003) so they can open ODF files too. Whether MS Office opens the documents correctly or not, I think only trying it out will tell. I recall there being some compatibility issues, and this article seems to suggest that the support in version 2013 will be better than it was before.