Will Pay for Search Form Development in Base

Hi Developers,

I am looking for someone to create a form in Base which allows me to search (filter) my table so I can see if I have any records containing specific values. More specifically, I have a table of sports related people. It contains several fields two of which are first name and last name. I want to be able to search my entire database by just typing, for example a few letters of a person’s first and last name (e.g., “Jo” in First Name and “Will” in Last Name to search for “John Williams”), select a search button or just hit return and then if I have any people with names that contain those letters they will be displayed with all of their fields showing. I want to be able to run this “query” again and again as I look to see if I have many different people in my database.

I am only a beginner and have looked into how to do this. While the instructions are straight forward, it’s just above my “pay grade” and will take me forever to figure it out. So, I would like to pay someone to create this form for me. I could pay you via PayPal for the services. If interested, or if you know of another way I can find someone to do this for me please let me know. I’d like to have this done before July.

I am using Mac OS Catalina, 10.15.7 and LibraOffice I have attached a sample of the file here. Any help is sincerely welcomed.
Sample 2021 05 29.odb
Kind regards,

LibreOffice Newbie John


Forget money here. If you want to pay then there may be other sites for that.

Just need a copy of your Base file. Edit your question and add the copy there. See → How do I attach a file?

Please do not include any personal or confidential information.

Also note what OS and specific LO version you are using.


I updated the entry with the OS and application information. Sadly the site will not allow me to upload the Base file since it is 1.3 mb which is over their file upload limit. Please let me know if there’s another way to provide the file. I’ve seen your posts and would very much like to work with you on this.


There are sites where you register & post files. My thought is for you to copy the Base file & from the copy delete most of the data in the main table leaving enough for testing. From the sounds of what you have posted that should get you below the threshold.

Great idea. A file copy was made and the data was mostly removed. The table structure remains unchanged. It is now uploaded here.


Got the sample. Already have initial screen but need more time for different issues. Will work on over this weekend and have some result for you.

Right on! Take all the time you need. I’m just grateful for your time and effort.


Have attached a sample. Sample includes two new forms and associated queries. There is also a filter table for the query look-ups. The text fields are attached to this.

Each form has a text box for first name and for last name and a push button.

The Alternate form (and associated query) requires the first and last name to BEGIN with the entry. Each can be blank and will not require any matching. With both blank all records are selected. Any record selected can be modified but form is set to NOT add new records.

The other form (regular) will retrieve records where the entry is ANYWHERE in the field. So th will retrieve Anthony.

In each form the text entered in the text box will ignore case. AbC = abc = aBc in the search.

Sample ------ SportsSample.odb

Excellent work! It works perfectly and is exactly what I needed. Wow. Thank you so much for stepping up and helping out. I am so impressed. I see what you did, and I might be able to replicate it if needed. Well, “might” is a big word here. Still, I can learn from this. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to ever repay you. Cheers!


Thanks was good. Try to comprehend the process. It is not all that difficult. You can’t expect people to do something like this each time. It is better to present something you cannot get to work and get help on that instead of just wanting someone to do the entire thing.