Will Writer allow embedding a colour palette in the future?

Since 3.5, Impress and Draw have a new feature for embedding multimedia/colour palettes into ODF documents.
This might be even more useful in Write, because it will give ott templates much more power if the desired colours are provided.
I wonder whether this feature is made in a way that it can easily be also included in Writer, and if this is planned for the future.

Embedding colour palettes/gradients/hatches is being worked on, Draw and Impress were the first ones to receive the patching. Other ODF formats/apps may be a bit more complex to integrate. See this thread here:


Also, there’s some revision for the colour palettes GUI to be expected quite soon (hopefully).

Update: It appears embedding colour palettes was included for ODG/ODP as part of the v3.5 release. Enhancement request fdo#63898 has been raised to try and get this expanded to include ODT/ODS.