Will you please add more formatting options for the comments (Writer)?

Specifically, two things.

The ability to change the width of the column showing the comments so they read with more than 5 words per line. I don’t really understand why this isn’t already a feature given all the various screen sizes and resolutions to accommodate. Cramming everything into a narrow column just doesn’t make sense to me.

Secondly, and arguably more importantly, padding around the text. It’s so freaking ugly to have text crammed up to the edges like that, not to mention objectively horrible design (unless maybe you’re making a pamphlet about claustrophobia, but even then). I’d prefer the option to control that padding, but even just 1em or so by default would be really helpful.

Not to be overly dramatic, but it actually makes me physically uncomfortable to look at it. Every time I look at it, I seriously have this inexplicable need to get up and stretch my whole body. Sometimes I get this flash, like my life depends on kicking in a door, shattering a window, or smashing through a wall. And I don’t have claustrophobia.

Point is, that’s some cramped text in a cramped little column, and I can’t do anything about it. Which means what would otherwise be an extremely useful feature is completely useless to me. I will never use comments like this.


Sorry, but I have no knowledge as to what you are talking of as Base is more my forte. It appears you are not aware that this is a peer-to-peer question and answer site. There is no control here on modifying or enhancing the core software. As noted on the main page here under Resources - How to use the ask site → Feature Requests.

Others may have more info about your concerns, but please be aware of how to request enhancements.

As it turns out, I’m disappointed to just now learn this might be a strictly peer to peer site. I was just sent straight to a ask.libreoffice page that showed questions, answers and voting. I showed up here and saw a familiar format that would suggest this question might reach the right place. Especially considering the official logo up there, I’d actually be really surprised if there wasn’t some kind of moderation from people who can make changes.

At the end of the day, I’m not that concerned about it. Unfortunately, I’m not going to create another account on another site I’m not familiar with or care about to ask this question. So, it’s basically here or nowhere.

I might as well also complain about how stupid it is to send people to bug reporting for feature requests. I suppose considering an important feature is unbearable to use, combined with how frustrating it is to interact and offer feedback, it’s probably just best to start looking at other programs.

A quick note. There are people here who do make modifications to the core software. In fact anyone can. That is open software. The changes made are those listed/reported on Bugzilla. There needs to be a central repository and a point of control. This site is more to help users with existing features/functions.

I admit that the word “bugs” and website “bugs.documentfoundation.org” may confusingly include “enhancement” requests, but you should admit that it is only a word for a single point of request controls. There is a requirement to have some name for that (and more important a single place to coordinate all the stuff) and on the other hand you would be the first one complaining about calling a site “enhancements-whatever” if required to file a bug. Go ahead and look for a program fitting your needs better …

No - we are users like you, thus not implementing features into LibreOffice software. Please address enhancement requests at https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/