Win 10 High Contrast Q1: Endnote software (bookmark macro?)


This is my first post and I do not know how to code - I am just a disabled user absolutely fed up with Microsoft and am now moving from MS Office to LibreOffice. My question concerns Endnote x7, however if someone has a solution for Endnote X9 only, I’d consider buying it (but I haven’t found this solution anywhere).

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I hope someone can help me here.


Since Office 2010 is being discontinued and Office 2019 is insufficiently accessible for people like me with vision impairments, I moved to LibreOffice. One of the reasons I could move now, is that there is a plug-in now for Endnote software. However, Endnote is made unusable for me as with Window 2010’s high contrast OS theme that I use, Endnote in-text references do not light up and cannot be underlined. In Office 2010 they can light up grey as well as be highlighted, in Office 2019 they do not highlight (a reason I moved to LO, also highlighting other text doesn’t work anymore), but can be underlined. The underlining option is an option that can be ticked in the software. I have called Endnote (Clarivate Analytics), and they confirmed doesn’t exist.

See screenshots:

Screenshot 1: Office 2010 with highlighting when hovering over it or clicking on it

Screenshot 2: Office 2019 with underlining

In LibreOffice, neither option is available, see screenshot:

Screenshot 3: LibreOffice without highlighting or underlining option

The problem is that when this option is not available, I cannot see whether the in-text reference is an Endnote one, a broken Endnote one, or a ‘flat’ one (ie just written text). Considering that the PhD thesis I just submitted consisted of over 350 in-text references, you can hopefully imagine what problems this could create - and likely would have not made me pass my viva!


I need to be able to use Endnote, for which I need to be able to distinguish in-text references in one way or another (conform the above or otherwise). I’m happy with either highlighting or underlining or shading or whatever way works - as long as I can distinguish it from the rest of the text when I hover over it, click on it, or all the time. Would any one have a solution for this?

EDIT: deleted link as it referred to something else (see comment below from Mike Kaganski)

Any and all support very welcomed!




It seems that Endnote’s in-text references (fields) are ‘bookmarks’ in LO Writer. See screenshot:

I found the following suggestion re how to highlight them (it concerns Zotero, another referencing software, but assumed it would work for Endnote as well). Highlight bookmarks

I didn’t now how macros work, so looked it up here: Chapter 13 Getting Started with Macros – although this seems to be of an older version of LO. I followed all the steps as much as I could make sense of them re how LO appears to me. I adjusted the macro slightly, so that it would be grey. I inserted this, ran it :

REM **** BASIC *****

Sub Main

End Sub

Sub HighlightAllBookmarks(
lHighLightColor As Long ) REM
Highlights all Bookmarked text strings
from the current document. REM
Example: HighlightAllBookmarks(
RGB(220,220,220) )
If HasUnoInterfaces( ThisComponent,
) Then
Dim oBookmarks As Object
oBookmarks = ThisComponent.getBookmarks()

    Dim sBookMarkNames() As String
    sBookMarkNames = oBookmarks.getElementNames()

    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 0 To Ubound( sBookMarkNames )
End If End Sub

Sub HighlightAllBookmarks_Grey()
HighlightAllBookmarks( RGB(220,220,220) ) End Sub


I think that I have done everything it is supposed to, but now I do not know how to proceed - i.e. to make this work and actually get the in-text references to be grey!

I suspect this is a pretty basic question, but not sure what to do now. I don’t get the Ch13 explanation after what I’ve done, or don’t know where to look now. Any suggestions?

I found the following post: Highlight Endnote Reference in Text

That wasn’t related to Clarivate Analytics’ Endnote; that was about endnotes feature embedded in LibreOffice. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the software you are talking about, and if it uses something (specific styles?) that could allow customization with LibreOffice tools, or if it is controlled fully by the extension, without any control from LO side.

Aha, I see. Well, then I cannot adjust this in endnotes - but that’s not really a concern of mine.

I will delete that section/link from my post, though, to avoid further confusion! Thanks for the clarification.

I have adjusted my original question, as I think there might be a workaround through macros

I haven’t found an ideal solution, but found a workaround here: No shading for Endnote citations?! (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum

I have saved the output style I normally use, in Endnote, by going to ‘citations’, ‘templates’ , and then making the in-text references there bold. It is always a temporary solution, as the final version would need to have regular font, but that way I can see that it is an Endnote references rather than a flat one.

Shading or underlining, not visible in print, would still be the best solution. However, I do not know how to achieve this and I don’t where to find a better solution, so I suppose this is as good as it gets for now. Obviously, very interested in hearing a better solution, but I’ll close the thread for now!