Win 10 machine. LO not starting

I click on it and nothing happens.
I click on a document and nothing happens.
I have run into this before, and as solution have OpenOffice installed, which does work, and reinstalled LO, which worked for a while.
What should I do, except for yet another reinstall, to get it to work?


I found this on another thread for an older version. It is a temporary fix until another solution is discovered.

Open the task bar with the Windows + R keys, and use the following command:

“%ProgramFiles%\LibreOffice\program\soffice” --safe-mode

This will bring up a dialog, just click on “Continue in Safe Mode” to use the suite.

There may be other steps to help fix user profiles and such, but none have worked for me.

I hope this gets you access to the files you need!

Micheal B

UPDATE: I also found some useful troubleshooting at this site

My problem was resolved by starting safe mode, and disabling hardware acceleration.

Thank you!