Win10, 22H2, 2024-01 updates, libreoffice 24.2 immediate startup crash due to cpp3.dll crash, no safemode, no functionality at all

win10, professional, x64, 22H2, 2024-01 updates, simple system, simple setup.
had libreoffice 7.6.x running so far. no problems with that before, no crashing in this dll no nothing. everything just happy and fine and normal.

decided to upgrade to libreoffice 24.2 today, via original .msi downloaded file from the original libreoffice opendocument mirror servers etc. not a total noob here.

right away, after install (upgrade, 7.6.x stayed installed, executed both the language addon msi file and then the main libreoffice msi installer file) libreoffice 24.2 immediate startup crash due to cpp3.dll crash, no libreoffice safe-mode either, no functionality at all. to clarify. no splash screen, no gui, no visible components no nothing gets draw onto the screen(s). the taskmanager briefly shows the process of libreoffice and then vanishing again the process id etc. after one startup attempt of libreoffice, you find the crash events in the reliability history of windows 10 (see below).

windows10 classic control center, in there the activity and or reliability history shows each and every startup of soffice.bin (or was it .exe) as crashing immediately the very same minute, and the technical details list cpp3.dll as crashing module etc.

hardware is an asus mini pc, AMD hardware, AMD Ryzen 6900HX based, with built-in gpu core (APU) and I even went for the very latest chipset updater from AMD and also the latest amd graphics (radeon) installer driver package which just appeared in january 2024 (whql) just as well. to no avail.

AMD drivers and packages aquired directly from their original site:

uninstalling 24.2 libreoffice (and language help package) and reverting back to 7.6.4 or whatever it was that is current, also both language localized msi and then the main msi installer, brings back happily normally functioning libreoffice. only the 24.2 libreoffice doesnt work.

I have looked around the web and even found like ancient cpp3.dll crashes and their discussions of years back dated and aged libreoffice 6.x and what not. but nothing really current.

anyone aware of this crash and immediate termination of all the libreoffice 24.2 applications? thanks.

only one more thing comes to my mind, this system has dual screen (two monitors attached), but thats all the exotic stuff I can think about right now. also directly sitting infront of the system and firing up the application and the installations and all. wired networking.

Could you try How to get a backtrace with WinDbg - The Document Foundation Wiki?

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you mean more specially the mindump via sysinternals tool procdump?

Producing a mini dump

right? can try this in the near future will report back with findings.

addtl note: system has default windows 10 defender installed nothing else or funny software.

reply to self: odd thing today, i wanted to debug/minidump LO 24.2, so removed the re-installed 7.6.x again, and installed the main 24.2 msi only.

without a reboot i tried to first simply start LO via start menu, and this time it showed the splash screen and works normally. also libreoffice calc and other sub components.

dunno what happened or what sorted the situatkion, I have endless crashlogs in windows reliability history in that dll, from yesterday.
no crashes today any more. nothing else changed.

maybe it was before, a state with always updated (msi install over msi install, without complete removal of previous msi) LO installations until that 7.6.x

after the next upgrade just the same way, after LO 24.2 was crashing, I removed everything ffrom LO, then reinstalled (nearly fresh situation, clean install, clean world) 7.6.x and then removed this again today, and clean-installed the 24.2 again, and this time maybe old? remnants? stuff or registry? or whatnot has been cleaned up or re-set properly or whatever regression being cleaned up or leveled out again.

anyhow, 24.2 works normal today. if i ever come across crashes or startup woes with LO again, i will remember this thread and the sysinternals tool procdump

ProcDump - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn

and will report stuff then.
thanks anyhow for the hints. ty.

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