(Win10! Linux? OSX?) Second Taskbar Icon for Call to a soffice or scalc Executable

A while ago I created under Windows 10 a second icon for calling soffice.exe with a different profile
(-env:UserInstallation=). I assigned a different symbol (the old StarOffice star), and everything is OK so far. If I try to drag the calling Icon from the desktop into the Win taskbar it is rejected, however, and this is also the case if I replace the target executable soffice.exe with scalc.exe (e.g.).
Is this exclusive Win behaviour - and a matter of the OS? Is LibreOffice the villain or an accomplice?
Based on what facts does Win guess “same app”?

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Forgot to mention: Same effect if the soffice.exe is from a parallel Dev install.
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Is there a similar issue under Linux distributions or OSX?

Cannot tell anything for OSX, only Debian(Bullseye): here a bit tricky because first i need to append to Programm-start-menu ( but it depends on window-manager as far I can recall some other window-managers simply supports drag&drop symbolic-links from ~/desktop to taskbar )