Win10 updated yesterday - Libre Office causes it to crash

Win10 updated yesterday. I was running v6.4.7 of LO and it opened an A4 doc OK, but when I tried to open a second (A5) doc it blue-screened. Went into Windows Update and screen froze with the “cog” - so closed it from taskbar. Ran DSIM and was the able to run Windows Update.
More updates found so installed them.
After Win10 re-updated thought it best to also update Libre Office so installed v7.0.5
Tried to open the A5 doc again and Win10 Blue screened again.
Each restart after blue screen seems to be OK until I try to load the doc (mind you I haven’t tried anything else in between)

Have copied the doc to an XP PC running v5.4.7 and the document opens OK. Made a copy by saving with a different name and copied back to Win10 PC - copied file also caused BSOD

After restarting the Win10 PC following the BSOD Libre Office reports that another version is already running when I try to load it.

Got going again and created, edited, saved A5 doc OK using text copied from pdf. Tried again to load the older A5 doc and BSOD again with “STOP CODE APC INDEX MISMATCH”. After restart Libre Office had lost all reference to previous use and prompted as if it was the first time being used. Can reload the doc created with v7 but not the earlier docs.

If I recreate the old doc in v7 then I can re-load it … but not the original created in v6

tdf#140952 - it’s Windows update’s or printer driver’s problem, happening just because LibreOffice talks to printer. The printer (Kyocera?) is likely saved in the document, which is why it happens for some documents, and not for others.

I’m having this exact same issue. I don’t have to open a previously created document for it to “blue screen” windows. I have updated Win10 to the latest available. I have updated LibreOffice to the 7.1.1 available on the website. As soon as I try to open any LibreOffice program it “blue screens” (hard crash) Windows10. I have Kyocera printers on our business network that I use to print all of my documents. So do I need to update the Kyocera driver? Remove the Kyocera driver? Is there anything else that I can do?

У меня такие же проблемы. После обновления Windows 10, открытие некоторых документов LibreOffice приводит к перезагрузке компьютера. В сети стоят принтера Kyocera. Пробовал переустанавливать LibreOffice, это не помогает. В поисках решения проблемы, нашел этот пост. Подозреваю, что проблема массовая.

Ok, these were the steps I did to at least get a working LibreOffice that didn’t crash Win10 as soon as it opened.

  1. Uninstalled Win10 update KB5000802 which came out one 3/9/2021 and was installed for me yesterday 3/12/2021.
  • Unfortunately, after the uninstall of the Win10 update and reboot LibreOffice 7.1.1 would throw up the splash screen but then close out without opening any of the LibreOffice programs.
  • I tried starting LibreOffice Writer and Impress from the Powershell prompt with --safe-mode, but that also failed and gave no error messages.
  1. I “removed” or “uninstalled” LibreOffice 7.1.1 using the installer program.

  2. I deleted the %appdata% LibreOffice directory.

  3. Running Powershell as Administrator I removed the LibreOffice directory in Program Files, and rebooted Windows.

  4. After fresh reboot, I installed LibreOffice 7.1.1 again using the installer, and rebooted Windows again.

  5. After installation of LibreOffice and reboot, LibreOffice seems to be working as expected, but all my customization options have been lost of course, like templates and macros.

I would have been inclined to check and update drivers before taking any other action. KB5000802 exposed how out of date my Intel wifi and Bluetooth drivers were. I wouldn’t be surprised if it affected out of date graphics drivers too.

Thanks, but this doesn’t seem to be a “solution” just a work-around until the underlying cause is fixed. Wouldn’t feel happy not applying Windows updates when they come out. My printer is also a Kyocera FS1061DN. Maybe Microsoft is messed up somewhere with their update affecting drivers …

@bigpighodges it appears that a Microsoft update came out today that should fix this issue, at least that is the claim. I have not had the chance to test this yet. We are using Kyocera printers also, and I think all of our Windows 10 computers were having this “blue screen” issue even when printing from Google Chrome. Usually, Win10 updates have gone off without an issue. This is the first one that has caused consistent crashes on a multitude of different Win10 laptops. I hope the fix works for you and for us. I will say that my Linux computers on the same network worked great over this past weekend :slight_smile:

KB4023057 installed today and the problem seems to have been resolved … many thanks!

Нужно удалить обновление KB5000802, если не помогает, то нужно поставить последние драйвера на принтер kyocera с сайта производителя или заменить текущий драйвер на xps драйвер.