Win7 LO Calc 5: Menu>Insert>Named Ranges ...>Define does not appear.

Version: (x64) Calc on Win 7 Pro. This is an MS Excel format (.xls) file.
Defining a new range/array does not work. Menu>Insert>Named Range …> causes a list of existing named ranges and the buttons Help, Paste All, Close, Paste. Four named ranges, defined earlier, are listed with their range definition, and their scope. There are no options to Define, Manage, etc., so no ranges can be added, deleted or edited.

I had earlier already successfully defined named ranges and using them in formulas in two other sheets of the file. Its possible that I used MS Excel to open it after defining these ranges.

I also tried this with V5.4.0. Same problem.

Is there is a solution? Does anyone understand the cause of the problem?