Window 7 running LO 3.4.2

I cannot uninstall 3.4, in order to install 3.5.2. I get a message that LO 3.4 is running, although it is closed and in Task Manager I have stopped soffice.bin and .exe.

If I attempt to install 3.5.2 over the top, I get a message at the final install screen saying,

“Please exit LibreOffice 3.4 and the LibreOffice 3.4 Quickstarter before you continue. If you are using a mulit-user system, also make sure that no other user has LibreOffice open.”

My system only has one user.

Hi @SirLes,

It looks like you need to shut down the LO 3.4 Quickstarter process. Please refer to the answers on these questions: