Window contents too big for frame

My copy of Libre Office draws the windows contents too big to fit in the window frame. The menu bar is hidden and various other parts on the perimeter are clipped.

I’ve completely uninstalled and reinstalled from scratch.

I’m not allowed to upload an image to display.

Libre Office 5.3.4

Win 10


  • deleted %userprofile%\appdata\roaming\libreoffice
  • no other application has this issue
  • everything in window does look a little inflated

Hello @ericx,

upvoted your question so you can upload images now.

I have observed the same problem today, first with version I reinstalled v5.3.3; same problem.

I SOLVED the problem by running LibreOffice in safe mode and disabling openGL and openCL hardware acceleration. This fix kept working after I reinstalled v5.3.4.2.

Some background data:

  • My computer is an HP Spectre x360 with a core i5 7200U cpu
  • I recently applied an update to the Intel display driver (obtained from HP). This an update to “Intel High-Definition (HD) Grphics Driver”, Softpaq number: SP81027, Version:, Size: 247,26 MB

I hope this helps

Had the same issue with LO 5.3.? and Solved by disabling OpenGL (tools (alt+t)>options>view unchecked ‘Use OpenGL for all rendering’)