Windows 10 LibreOffice 7.0.2 hangs

A writer document (about 110 pages) which I used for years with 6.x versions of libreOffice hangs when using LO 7.0.x
I am using a Windows 10 (up to date) computer.
When opening this document I can see the first page but instantly get a blue circle constantly turning.
I waited for more then an hour but nothing chainged.
When I install LO 6.x again I have access to the file again without problems.

Any sugestions ?


you could try opening the file with a “fresh/empty” profile? (aka. Starting in “Safe Mode”)
When the behaviour persists, you could open a bug report here:

Hope that helps.


a start in safe mode didn’t help, so I make a bug report.

Can you create a new document and save it to Documents? If you can, then can you make a small change and Save? If either of those actions fail then it is probably anti virus blocking LO from access to parts of your drive. You can have a look at my answer to question 267726 or look for anti ransom ware settings in anti virus and unblock soffice.bin or allow it access according to the anti virus program. Cheers, Al

Yes new documents and alsol changing several older documents no problem.
The described problem only exist with one, quite large, document.
Working with calc-sheets no problems too.