Windows 10 multiple clipboard disabled

In windows 10 if multiple clipboard is active, press windows_key+V, you can paste previous copied clips.

I copied many items with a screen capture program(windows inside) ,
but paste them on LibreOffice applications did not work.

Anyone knows it?

There’s no “multiple clipboard” thing in Windows 10. You are likely to use some third-party clipboard manager, which might of course interact strangely with applications if the manager author hasn’t done it properly. Possibly you need to file a bug report to the manager’s authors, and if that actually turns out to be LibreOffice problem, then file the bug to our bug tracker.

EDIT: I stand corrected: there’s obviously “cloud clipboard” feature there; so please do file a bug report to our bug tracker.

Note though:

Currently, the clipboard history supports plain text, HTML and image less than 1MB.