Windows font embedding?

in: Font redistribution FAQ - Typography | Microsoft Docs

it says:

"When can I use document embedding

The brief answer:

If an application
follows the rules and restrictions
defined in the OpenType or TrueType
specification, you can use it to embed
Windows supplied fonts in any document
file it creates. For example,
Microsoft Word follows the rules and
restrictions, so you can use Word to
create documents (such as Word
document files and PDFs) that include
embedded fonts.

You mention Word
documents and PDFs output from Word
but how about other applications and
document formats like ePub?

If the applications follow the rules
and restrictions documented in the
OpenType and TrueType font
specifications around document font
embedding, you are allowed to use them
to embed the Windows-supplied font.
Please check the documentation
associated with the application and
document file format to confirm it is
compliant with the OpenType or
TrueType specs."

Is that true for LibreOffice Writer / LibreOffice Suite? So I can legally use Windows 10-supplied fonts for “save as pdf” option in publically published pdfs?

The code that checks if it’s legally OK to embed a font into a document is EmbeddedFontsHelper::sufficientTTFRights.

Yes. You can use Windows supplied fonts in PDFs from any application.