Windows - headless convert to pdf from docx with defined options

I’m trying to export a MS-Word Document to a PDF using libre office and convert Word Bookmarks into PDF Named destinations

I know that I can do this inside libre-office GUI by enabling the PDF Options in the links tab
“Export outlines as named destinations” “Convert document references to PDF Targets”

I believe I can use soffice.exe to convert the document to a PDF. but I can’t see how to adjust these options - my understanding is that these options can’t be set through soffice?

Ideally I would be able to programmatically set these options.

Option 1. Use LibreOffice 7.4+, and see the new syntax of options accepted by the filter.
Option 2. Use any version of LibreOffice, and set up a profile (e.g., you could use a dedicated profile) with wanted settings - you set them up in the UI, but they are used then when you convert in CLI.

Option 3. Create a macro, and start it using command line.

I’m fairly confident this resolves my problem.