Windows install error

Hi. I have been trying to install LO 6 on a Win XP pc that is not connected to the internet. I have been downloading a copy of the installer onto a USB stick and trying to install from that. The install appears to go OK but on trying to start LO, I get an error stating that a certain .dll file is missing off my computer. (sorry - didn’t get the actual name of the .dll - perhaps I should have done) As it is XP, should I be using an older version of LO, and if so, where can I find one ?
Note - the pc is NOT connected to the internet and is used soley to control a stand-alone piece of equipment so there is no security issue involved. It would be quite useful however to have access to Calc on it.

Are there any legacy versions availabe which would install and run on Win XP ? Where would I get them from. Can’t see anything on the LO website.

Are you kidding me? Go to Click to the Big Download Now Button. See the page On it. scroll down a little, to see something below the 6.0 area - it’s LibreOffice 5.4.5.

I would understand you if you said that six months from now, when 5.4 will EOL. Then you would need to do hard work scrolling the download page all way down to Older versions of LibreOffice ... in the archive.