Windows screensaver crashes LO Base portable

LO Base Portable crashes once Windows screensaver is activated, when trying to reactivate the app. This doesn’t seem limited to my Windows 10 Home Tablet, but i wouldn’t totally rule it out.
It all works well, except for crashing once the SS comes on.

Oops, correction, LO locks up when the Windows 10 Tablet enters power standby, and is then powered up.

I’ve installed and successfully used the Desktop Windows x64 version of LO, and this problem of base locking up reoccurred, and it looks like it’s something to do with Tablet screen auto-rotation, locking up base only occurs when i put the Tablet aside, on it’s edge, (to do something ekse).

Hi @ChrisM2! You seem to describe a bug; and bugs are offtopic on this site; they should go to bug tracker.

Also, it is undesirable to post as wiki here.