Windows Search

This topic has already been discussed and it seems like it is resolved. However, I still don’t get LibrOffice documents indexed by Windows Search.
I am working on a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit. The LibrOffice version is 3.6.1. For all the Open Document files, my indexing configuration shows OpenDocument Format Filter and they are all set to Index Properties and File Contents.
What else can stop Windows Search from indexing these files?

Thanks a lot

Windows 7 search is resource hungry when indexing and ridiculous in its search results.
Get another tool like DocFetcher (free) which fully supports OpenDocument files.

I realize you are using a fresh install but are there any item’s that have been excluded from Windows’ search function? Additionally, how long has it been since you did the install and added the files to the system? the index may simply not have found them yet.

see link text

Today I updated to on W7_64. The update installed its filters and they did not work as expected. The documents that were indexed where removed from the search-database due to the new filter. I revert back to the filter from IFilterShop. This one does work (need to read the readme for Vista and W7). Its free for non-commercial usage.