Windows XP exception in synchronize

I have installed LO 4.3 on XP but it fails to run, reporting a fatal error.
Extension manager: exception in synchonize.

This is a freshly installed XP Pro SP3, up to date with patches, on an old machine with 1G RAM and a single core Athlon processor.

Other stuff (FFox, Audacity and so on) works just fine.

First I would reset the user profile following the procedure described in:

If not successful I would uninstall LibO and remove any traces (see application folder in XP).

Next I would download LibO from: and make a new installation.

I have currently the LibO v installed on an XP machine and used several times portable version of Lib 4.3 on the same machine without any problem.

Thank you for responding

I renamed %appdata%\LibreOffice\4 and LO generates a new folder with, as far as I can see, all the correct bits in it, and then throws the exception.

I couldn’t find a checksum for the LO so I have downloladad another copy and checksums for the two files match.

I have completely removed and then re-installed LO.

The problem remains unchanged :frowning:

This really is a strange situation. ---- Did you download from ? — Please describe step by step how you did the installation. The best is to repeat the installation and make notes for each step and setting you made including the results/reactions/ messages of the PC.

Not sure how much detail is appropriate.

  1. Download LO from using FFox
  2. Click download arrow and double click downloaded LO installer LibreOffice_4.3.2_Win_x86.msi
  3. Click Run on Windoze open file security warning
  4. Click default on all install options
  5. Double click LO icon that appears on desktop
  6. LO banner appears and is immediately replaced on screen with the exception alert.
  7. Uninstall and repeat :frowning: