Windows XP LO 3.5.0 Calc crashes

When Iopen a calc file ,in version 3.5.0 seconds after opening it closes “due to unexpextable error”, shows the restore dialog and after retry does the same.Other modules work fine.

Version 3.4.5 works fine however

Such crashers are considered bugs. If the problem persists even after completely removing your profile [1] please consider filing a bug report [2]. I will now close this as not being an actual question.



Please try version 3.5.1RC1 and check if the problem is solved. Is it a problem with a particular file or with any file?

If it doesn’t contain any confidential data, can you upload it somewhere and share it on this topic?

Thanks for the answer.The same with 3.5.1RC1 and it happens with any file.I will share one as soon as possible.