Windows10 and tables in Writer

When I set settings in tables in Writer and then save the file under Windows 10, the settings are all removed when the file is reloaded. I reported a bug on this, but have received no feedback except that others have verified the fact. This problem is important to me since I am preparing to publish a book with some 20 tables. Is here a workaround for this problem so I can get on with my work?


AMDG = ad majorem dei gloriam?

I reported a bug on this

Bug number?

Also you probably asked a question about it. Please provide a link to it or, better, edit the previous question with above text. This will refresh the question and bring it back at top of questions. You can then erase this one.

FTR: tdf#130432

Had a look at the bug report and opened the attachment. File>Properties has enabled font embedding. I remember a bug about it. I found at least tdf#133113, tdf#130292, tdf#127036, tdf#124470.

Does the problem still occur if you uncheck the tick box in File>Properties, Font tab?

I remember a bug about it

… and I even marked this bug as duplicate of that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: