Windowstyle parameter in shell statement (solved)

I have found that the shell statement does not work as I expect. I would like to call vlc from macro in impress without it opening a window on top of the presentation.

shell(“vlc”, windowstyle, filename, bSync)

I can’t make the windowstyle parameter in the shell statement do anything. (Nor the bSync parameter, but on this occasion it does not concern me.) Andrew Pitonyak (and documentation) says that windowstyle=6 should run the program in a minimised, unfocused window. No value of windowstyle seems to make any difference.

Any suggestions? Is this a bug?

Hello @Pansmanser,

That windowstyle parameter doesn’t seem to work for all programs; One suggested way to invoke VLC in minimized mode is to call:

shell("vlc --qt-start-minimized --play-and-exit", 0, ConvertToURL( "/home/user/Music/yoursong.mp3" ), false)

Thanks, librebel. That worked for me.