With HTML data, Why is Paste working but PASTE-SPECIAL does not paste anything?

I try to use paste special, formatted text. I can see the text that I want to paste and it looks perfect in the preview window but then nothing goes into the document. THe paste works well in excel.

We don’t know your HTML data.
Give the URL of the page and what you are copying and trying to paste.

Please do not use the Answer field, edit your original question to provide further details. Thanks.

@erAck: please … there are lots! - hundreds? - thousands? of questions and bugs reg. copy/paste, paste-special … imho it won’t help in any respect if more and more users are asked for their special use case and data … this area is! buggy, and it’ll help if anyone with skills goes after it … to help irritated users without binding too much work of developers and testers maybe a small copy/paste - paste-special wiki could be useful?

paste-special has been semi - fkd for at least three versions. Not for all users, not all the time and it depends on which app and which type of data you are using to copy data to clipboard. (unformatted text, RTF, bitmap, etc).

For windows - recommend testing copying using some formatted text from write.exe/wordpad. Eg, copying a paragraph with sentences of difference font size. This allows one to differentiate if it is a problem with the browser(s), windows, or LO.

Also, firewalls might be the cause of the problem - especially copying items from the browser into clipboard is initially blocked by a firewall - pasting of such “copied” data might fail as a result.
It may therefore be required to allow access to the internet for LO all of the time. – this is just a theory, but let us know if it works for you.