Wizards in Base do not run

LibreOffice Ver Build ID 430m0(build:2) on
Linux 3.16.7-7-desktop OpenSuse 13.2(Harlequin)(x86_64)

Base seems to run correctly for manual entry of tables and query’s but none of the wizards work. There is no prompt or information given. Like to have some direction in order to run the wizards for tables, reports, query and forms

I also had a problem with wizards on a recent installation of OpenSuse 13.2. It works on one of my OpenSuse 13.2 machines, not on the other (both 32-bit). Seemed like a missing dependency, have not figured it out yet.

Does this still occur in current versions of LO for OpenSuse ?

LO v 4.x is … historical. Please upgrade to a newer version and then try again.

You are missing Java support on your system. Install Java Runtime. In to days version of LibreOffice a warning would be displayed that you need Java, to enable Wizards to work.