Wizards not working with Writer

Hi all. I can’t get any of the wizards to work . No dialog boxes. I’ve also installed MediaWiki Publisher and send to MediaWiki does not display a box either.

I’ve search around of bit and found very few references to this problem and nothing helps (although, I haven’t tried downgrading, yet). Where would I start troubleshooting?

Fedora - 19 64 bit

i have a similar problem. the dialog boxes for the writer wizards open off the top edge of the screen and are not able to be used.

I have the same problem with LO writer on LinuxMint 17 (Cinnamon, 32 bit).

Neither of the File > Wizards element (Letter, Fax, Agenda) works, there is not a single dialog box displayed. On the other hand the Presentation wizard correctly starts the first dialog box.

According to https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=77899, it will be fixed in LO 4.2.5


According to fdo#77899 , it will be fixed in LO 4.2.5