Word count is broken in 5.0.3?

In libreoffice 4…I used to have a perfectly working word count, which included footnotes and, if no text was selected, showed total word and character count in whole text. After update to 5.0.3 (Linux) in all documents that are not .odt there is no word count, it shows 0 unless you select some text. And if you select text through Ctrl-A it still does not include footnotes. In menu there is no option to return to the way it was before.
Is there any way to fix this word count issue? I see no point in displaying 0 all the time, and character count is really important for me since most of the time I work on scientific articles that demand precision in that regard, otherwise they will not be accepted by publisher.

Yes, it was broken in 5.0.0, after that it was fixed in 5.0.1 i think, and again is broken in 5.0.3. I’ve no tested yet 5.0.4.

I’ve checked 5.0.4, it seems to be working again.

I am having problems with Word Count in 5.0.4. Not working today,Jan 6th.

I have and it has stopped working. It reads 0 for document, but calculates for selected text. This just started happening to me. Is there a fix?

I am using on Ubuntu and I have the same problem. Yes, a fix (or a turn on/off feature would be nice).

I recommend to install a recent version. I haven’t reproduced this bug again in 5.4.