Word wrap not working in a shape (Impress)

How to get text wrap working in any shape but rectangles?

There isn’t even a text context menu available for, say, rounded-corner rectangle.

image description

Checked in versions and, it is not default, but can be adjusted.

Checked then version - it’s default.


According to @anon73440385’s and @LeroyG’s comments: Wrapping also exists on version 6.x, but not as default. Sorry for wrong advice.

Checked in versions and, you’re right.

Works for me on Linux openSUSE 15.1 / KDE - Plasma5

Works in Versión: (x86) over Windows 7 Professional.


Double-click on the text, open context menu, Text…, Text tab, activate Word wrap text in shape.

First you must select the text (not the shape).