Words instead of bullets?

I try to produce a text sheet in LibreOffice writer with formatting like a bullet point but instead of bullet I would use key-words.

image description

Is it possible to do this without hitting tab multiple times?

If it matters:
I run linux kubuntu with libreOffic Version:
Build ID: 1:6.4.5-0ubuntu0.20.04.1

Select the paragraphs, choose menu Format - Paragraph… - Indent & Spacing tab, and assign a positive value to Before text: and the same value but with negative sign to First line. This is called french indentation.

image description

I advise you to create a new paragraph style with this characteristics. See LibreOffice Help on Styles.

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This looks like a table so you could enter the items in a table. You can remove the table borders to make it seem like text.


If it really isn’t a table then use hanging indents. Click Format > Paragraph, in the dialog that opens click on the tab Indents & Spacing, under Indent in the field Before text enter 30mm, in the field First Line enter -30mm. OK.

In this paragraph you can now write “Hi”, press tab, write explanation and it will look like bullet points. Check that 30mm is enough for your longest leftmost text.

When you are happy with the layout then select your paragraph. In the sidebar under styles (F11) at the top right, click on the drop-down arrow and select New Style from Selection, in the box that opens give it a name that you can easily recognise, say Q&A_Indent, OK out. You can apply this style to any paragraph by clicking in the paragraph and then double clicking on the style

Cheers, Al

You don’t need to set a tab stop because a negative indent in First Line implicitly defines a tab stop at paragraph margin. This also has the advantage that when you change the value of first line indent, you don’t risk to forget to update the tab stop.

Moreover, your answer is faulty because tab positions are relative to paragraph left “margin” (Before text). Consequently, your tab stop should be set at 0 instead of 30mm.

EDIT This comment was relevant for the initial content of this answer. It is however left here because it contains two important caveats for readers coming here.