Work with excel files with libreoffice calc

My system is Manjaro xcfe and I work with Libreoffice (v7.1.8.1) for all my daily work and I have happily been doing so for years.

However, one of my clients wants me to take on a new task. This task involves picking up a huge excel file with macros and connections. Make some simple changes to it and send it back. This file will then be uploaded onto the clients system and deployed.

I do not need to touch or execute any of macros or connections. But it is important that these continue to work once I send the file back.

So my question is basically this: If I activate macros when I receive the file, do my editing and save. Will the excel macros work as they used to work for my client when he picks up the file again.

I am asking because my first attempt to work with the file I did not activate macros and when I sent the file back the connections and macros did not work.

Thank you

Regard >Toolos>Options>Load/Save>>VBA Properties and enable the needed options.

(I never had an opportunity to test the correct working.)

There may be incompatibilities/flaws when writing to an alien file “format” independent of VBA issues.

Thank you.
I will give it a try.

In case anyone else stumbles into something similar; I got my feedback on what Lupp suggested; Unfortunately the sheet does not work.

I will have to work with the sheet on onedrive. Not fun, but a valid option for me at least.

Did you find out the reasons?

How can this help? As I understand it, that’s just a way to store/access and to share files.
You wanted to introduce enhancements on the sheet/formatting/formual level to a spreadsheet file you got in an MS format using LibreOffice Calc, and to export the result without touching the contained macros to that alien format again. Whether or not the resulting file will work when opened with MS software next time should not depend on the medium it was read from or written to in-between.

I did not get the full run down on why it did not work, the feedback I got was that the macros were gone.

I did not know this function of onedrive either, but as I needed to find a solution I found that you can in fact work and share files on onedrive. So I was able to do what was needed on onedrive, download the file and hand it over. It is not a fully functional version of excel, but it is quite ok and it is free.

I assumed all options enabled here.
What I suggested was reported to not work.
Can somebody having MS Excel at hand confirm the issue?
Might @erAck share his knowledge?

In general if under Tools → Options → Load/Save → VBA Properties have all Load and Save enabled then saving onto the same file format should preserve original macros. Whatever “the sheet does not work” may encompass. If a “working sheet” or “editing” involves VBA macros then of course, complex macros may not work. Not clear why they should be gone though. Without a reproducible test case sample and procedure it’s like hunting flies.

I guess i can find some old excel-files converting german bank accounts to SEPA-IBAN in my backups and will test it in the next days…

But maybe the eexxil just set the flags for preserving macros, after the were already deleted. The flags will not recover deleted macros…

This phrase of yours can mislead readers and inspire the idea that M$ has become better. Yes, basic OneDrive is free, but it doesn’t include office applications. Your boss may have given you access to his paid copy of OneDrive.

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