Work with tables from different sources (odbc, LibreOfficeBase, Access)

I work with several dabases created by other users. (Oracle, Access, LibreOffice).
When I create a new database I can choose to work with my own “local” tables or link with any other through ODBC.
If I choose to link to a ODBC source, after that, I cannot create local tables.
If I choose to start with a new .odb I cannot get information from another source (ODBC).

Is it possible to make a query linking tables from different sources.

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Only databases from the same server could be “connected” in one query. So it is impossible to connect data of different databases like Access, Oracle, Firebird …

You will have to read data from one source and copy it into a new table of the other source. This could be done by the import wizard or automatically through macro.

For a quick and dirty solution you may use a Calc document as a “connector” to multiple sources. Connect Base documents to your databases, add some meaningful queries and link some inport ranges and/or pivot tables to the spreadsheet document.
[Tutorial] Using registered datasources in Calc

I’ve been told (in the french forum) that it’s has been proposed as a enhancement.


I will try. Thanks.

@aprendiz : Bug 141132 has nothing to do with connecting to different databases.

There is one more thing. Base forms are ordinary Writer documents embedded in the database document having a hierarchy of logical forms and subforms.
It is possible to create stand-alone form documents having a hierarchy of forms and suforms connected to different databases.

@RobertG I mistook the bug. The right bug is

@aprendiz : Could you write a comment to the bug an set it to NEW? Status of the bug is UNCONFIRMED.

As mentioned in comment 5 of bug 137893 implementing this would be a really big job. Might be too big for LO.