Workaround for no Master Documents in Impress

I have a large number of Impress presentations each of which is a training ‘topic’ (read “chapter” if you like).

For a certain class I use a combination of topics. Topics are used in multiple classes. I have been combining the presentations by hand. I just learned of Master Documents for Writer. Having this capability in Impress would be very, very helpful in this situation.

I can’t find any reference for using a Master Document in Impress so I don’t think this technique exists in Impress.

Can anyone suggest a workaround for accomplishing this? i.e. an Impress presentation that is a container for a list of other Impress presentations. The ‘child’ presentations could be used in multiple ‘parent’ presentations.

Also, I would appreciate a link for requesting LO enhancements so I can ask for this functionality to be added.

Thank you, Jack

I can’t find any reference for using a Master Document in Impress so I don’t think this technique exists in Impress.

And you are absolutely right. There is no container document in Impress.

Which operating system do you use?

I use macOS

Too bad I’m using Windows 10. In Windows 10 you can use libraries as containers.

Someone with mac knowledge may be able to help you better.

  • Create the sub-presentations you want to use in the ‘main’ presentation.
  • Start the presentation, that should become the ‘main’ presentation.
  • Goto menu Slide > Insert Slide from file
  • Select a sub-presentation. Click Open. Now you get the Dialog “Insert Slides/Objects”.
  • You can insert the entire presentation or you open the + and select single slides. Hold down Ctrl-key to select several single slides.
  • Check the option “Link”.
  • OK.

The slides are inserted after the current active slide.

Save the ‘main’-presentation.

When you reopen the ‘main’-presentation you will be ask whether to update the links. With ‘Yes’, when you have changed something on a slide in a sub-document in the meantime, the changes will appear in the ‘master’-presentation too. With ‘No’ you will remove the connection from the ‘main’ presentation to the sub presentation, so that you will be no longer ask for updating the links.

You need to keep the relative position of the master and the sub-documents to each other in the file system.

I know no way to manage the links after they have been created. But you can repeat this ‘link-insert’ if needed.

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This linking may be combined with as many custom slide shows in this presentation as needed (or they might be used by their own).