Working with multiple document windows in LibreOffice on OSX

This should be simple but I cannot bring an open document to the front to work on it when multiple documents are open in Libre Office in OSX. When I right click on the LibreOffice icon in osx, it pops up a menu that is divided into a top and bottom portion. Only the top portion shows in the LibreOffice “Window” menu, and I can only get these documents to come forward for use. There is no way to click on the other documents that I opened that appear in the lower menu. I have also tried the OSX ‘show all windows’ feature, which shows my document but if I select it, it does not come to the front. It simply turns on the OSX ‘show all windows’ view and goes back to the active window in LibreOffice – which is not what I want. I want one of the windows behind the active window. For goodness sakes, how can I do this. Why hasn’t Libre Office made this work right? It seems to be encouraging me to open recently closed documents but this is not what I want – I want to simply move already open documents to the front for use. I have already done stuff like tried to re-open the document again in Finder. It does not work. Same problem. Only the first few documents I open appear in the Window menu and can be brought to the front. WTF, am I the only person that has this problem? This has been on several different compters and updates. Why isn’t it fixed?