Worksheet cell references added by default

LIBRE CALC is automatically adding worksheet references to my formulas, for example:

  • I enter the formula =J$2/$H6 and save save the file
  • next time I open the workbook, the formula has been changed into =$‘Final’.J$2/$‘Final’.$H5
    It means Libre Calc is automatically adding a reference to the worksheet name in which the formula is located.

This is quite annoying because with such worksheet references I cannot use F2 function to see the cells used in the formula.

Is there a way to block such behaviour?

Please what is your LibreOffice version? (Menu/Help/About LibreOffice), I think it was solved time ago.


Can you update it is an older version?

Thanks, I have updated to version 7. Hopefully it will work. Cannot say right now whether the problem disappeared but so far seems so. It will be known afetr a few days when I will reopen and close the files to see whether the problem has been solved.

There was a bug in such completely outdated version that under some circumstances added sheet names to references even on the same sheet, that has been fixed years ago.

Once saved the references are permanent of course and can only be removed by editing the formulas or using Find&Replace to remove the $ anchor and sheet name and separator.