worksheet data cleared while sorting another worksheet

I have been learning calc for months and am happy with the functionality and look.
Sumproduct, conditional formatting, data validity pointing to data range are some of the features I use.

From time to time I experience missing data, ctl z, closing without saving and redoing work usually recovers my work.
Reading posted comments makes it clear that disappearing data is a common issue historically.

Today I found a whole worksheet empty after I sorted another worksheet. I expected cells referencing to the sorted sheet to not find data or grab the wrong data. The whole sheet of data gone is a shock. Closing without saving recovered the loss. Having not worked in the sheet that lost all cell data and the recovery proved it was there to begin with indicates risk using calc.

As much as I like it my plan was to do macro programming. Have worked excel vba professionally and home use.

This was probably the turning point for me I think calc does not hold together.
Is there a settings guide that may address this magical act of now you see it now you don’t?
I want to review my installation and configuration in case this explains the surprises.