Would be possible to automate the flowcharting creation process with Draw?

I guess this question don’t have a solution, but I am launching it anyway.
I work a lot with physics, and sometimes I like to connect theories and then create a flowchart, so I can see them connected more graphically.
Let’s put an example:

Let’s talk about Elastomers:

When I type > mean it is connected with the next topic.

I want something that read this sentence…

Elastomer > Polymer > Viscoelastic > Young’s Modulus

For example, let’s imagine I have that written in a TXT file…
I need something that read that sentence, and automate in Draw the flowcharting process… in this way…

It read the sentence, it begin with Elastomer… and draw automatically a box for Elastomer and connect it to a box for Polymer and connect it to a box for Viscoelastic and connect it to a box for Young’s Modulus

In that way, I can get a diagram made in seconds and not having to draw every single box, tryping the name inside, etc.

Is there anyway to do this?