Would it not be great if LibreOffice built in this modern functionality

What if LibreOffice included OpenAI? This would mean that all spelling grammar and dictation would be natural language… would it not be considered?

See it in action:

And why don’t you simply use this b******t and paste the result into whatever program you want?

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Because that is a terrible experience.

Presently the quality of dictionaries and grammar is awful. At the very least I would hope that the language support tools would use the APIs of google or office 365 to do spelling and grammar, as well as writing style and support.

I want LibreOffice to succeed, but needs drive me (and most others) elsewhere: I typically use O365 because everyone else does and therefore its a lot less work – to G-suite due to their tools for language and automation. Even if they steal all my data including my psy profile. Because I have few other choices.

This and a few others who state this means there are only a couple of LO users left!

Bridge jumping.

So no one uses LO?

This is not even the place to request enhancements. Do so at → Bugzilla

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