Would like to update my v, Best way to do it?

Hi Using v and have downloaded v.7.3.6. Am on Win 10 / 64 bit. Best way to install, i.e., should I uninstall old version before new one? Reading other posts, seems like this is the procedure. Is Windows uninstaller satisfactory to use for this?

If you double click the installer file, it will uninstall the old version and install the new version. See the help linked from the download page,
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Since your current LibreOffice version is a bit older, I would personally uninstall it.
And rename or move the old user profile.
Then new-install LibreOffice.

LibreOffice - Installing under Windows 10 / 11

Such advises likely are those that create such uncertainty that was expressed in

No, there is no need to uninstall, even if you install over v. 3.3. The correct uninstaller runs in any case. And the major source of possible problems - the user profile - is untouched in any case, too.

I guess I will wait for a couple more thoughts, but it sounds as if Mikekaganski might be correct, that a new version in the history of more modern efforts will override the existing, without an uninstall. I’d still like to hear more thoughts on this and am surprised it’s not a more major topic. What confused me is that there is not an “Uninstall” choice on the pull down menu of Libre Office apps in the program manager (start button left-click). I plan to update to v.7.3.6.

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The important point is to have a backup of the Profile (for Windows found via %APPDATA%). Then you can restore this completely/ parts, if you miss something (macros, configuration, dictionaries… ).

Usually you want this configuration to be kept. Therefore I would not recommend to rename the Profile. If you prefer to have a “new” install - as if you never used LibreOffice before - then rename the Profile and use “deinstall” from Windows if you like, wich will usually call the same routine as the new installer.

We even put it to the official installation instructions mentioned by @Hrbrgr above.

You do not have to uninstall any previously installed version of LibreOffice. If you do have an existing installation of LibreOffice, all your preferences will be preserved and that old installation will simply be overwritten.

It should not be a topic at all, only when people start spreading unreliable info, this creates confusion.

@mikekaganski ,

…only when people start spreading unreliable info, this creates confusion.

I think my comment reproduced above is marked as personal.
Moreover, this method works just as well as installing over it.
So not unreliable.

Please read Mikes post again. He states it is not necessary for YOU to do the uninstall, but wrote:

And a separate option in the menu is not necessary, as you can always go via the control-center of Windows and de-install from there. No need to clutter menues.

PS: And he IS correct here, as he is one of the people, who actually reads code…

Great, thanks much. Thought this might be so, but didn’t see an immediate confirmation when I initially searched. I just didn’t want to screw it up. Cheers, Don