Would someday LibreOffice Base have by default HSQLDB 2.3?

Hi, that is my question.

As far as I know LibreOffice Base run HSQLDB 1.8 which is quite old. I’ve heard you can install other database engine, but my question is, when LibreOffice Base, by default, will attach the HSQLDB 2.3 replacing the old 1.8?
Any idea about if this would happen someday? or why they did not update it before?


Just from old memories …

The problem with changing to a new HSQLDB is that you then could not share databases with users using an older version of LibreOffice using an older HSQLDB.

Is there any way to differentiate between db versions ? I’m sure you could somehow.

That is right, but sooner or later it will be out of date… so the jump is something that should happen… it’s from 2007… hsqldb 1.8… we are going to have a version that is 10 years old… almost…