Would the way LO works be affected by the OS or hardware we use?

NOT the question but the background to why I am asking
I notice a lot of people asking about LO6 on their Chromebooks. We all want it but getting it is a problem. On my Chromebook I find LO 5 works, but I experience problems that I THINK might be related to using LO on a Chromebook rather than a problem with LO itself. However, I am not technical enough to know the difference.

This led me to think:
If the answer to a problem is general, then the problem should go away, but if related to the hardware or OS then the general answer might not work.

More background to explain why I ask the question;
was struggling with strange characters appearing when I copy and paste. Finally, I wondered if this was not a problem with LibreOffice but my Chromebook. Several other issues have cropped up where following an answer that would generally work does not solve the problem. My conclusion is that while the question might be about LibreOffice, what I need is a Chromebook forum or a thread which identifies common problems for people using LO on a Chromebook. The question begins as a LibreOffice question. It ends with a Chromebook one. What I really need is a place that says, when using a Chromebook then these problems are common in LibreOffice and here is the fix if there is one or you will not find a fix if there is not. It is relevant to Chromebook users and not everyone.

This led me to wonder:
Would not the development of any program be affected in some way by the hardware and OS the developer uses. Even if the development is tested out on different OS then surely the interaction could vary and when a new OS appears and can use LO then might the interaction be different?

The same thing could happen if you are using Windows on a PC or a Mac OS etc.


My question is this;

Is the way LO works affected by the hardware or OS we use? (And how do we know if it is.)

Your thoughts are certainly correct. But you should ask yourself the following:

  1. How many users here on ask.LibreOffice use a cromebook?

  2. How many users of it have a second PC to make comparisons?

  3. Is it the right place for these questions?

  4. What is the philosophy of the Chromebook manufacturer?

  5. Does the Chromebook vendor want free software to run on these devices?

You should not expect too much on this topic here on ask.LibreOffice in this context.
It’s just a well-intentioned advice to prevent frustration.