Wrap text in Database forms?

I’m building a database that uses a lot of long text strings, VARCHAR(1200). It is imperative to the purpose of the db and forms for the user to easily read these text blocks. I have not found a way to make any kind of form field wrap text using any of the options in the “Wrap” menue options.

What’s the missing magical button/setting? Is this a bug?

Assuming you are using a text box in your form.
Select the Control for the text box properties and under the General tab scroll down to find Text Type. Select Multi-line.

(Kind of hidden :slight_smile:

The Wrap options in the Format menu bar are for text around objects on the main page and are not used for the text box attributes.

Please clarify with some more detailed instructions. “Text Box” from Drawing toolbar doesn’t seem to have Properties.
So, how do we exactly select Control for the text box properties.

What about the option for multi-line with formatting? when that option is selected, the form won’t let me save any records.

Thank you. That helped! Also, it turns out text wrap is turned off when a horizontal scroll bar is on.