Wrapping text and image copied from a web page into Writer

When I insert text and graphics copied from a web page into a Writer document, wrap text does not work properly. The only kind of wrapping available on the context menu is “edit contour, and although the setting for the image is “optimal wrap,” only the first line of a paragraph actually wraps.

Is there anything I can do about this?

Do you have a screenshot of the situation so it can be seen what you are trying to accomplish, or how it is not doing what you expect? My guess is that the situation will vary wildly depending on where you cut & paste from. Not all websites are equal. Many use extraneous, invisible

containers or old based design. Might have to convert a table to text to get things to flow right, or paste as unformatted text. An address from where you copied might help someone to inspect/repeat.

Generally, word processors cannot lay things out in a document exactly as they appear on a website. The coding and containers from web technologies aren’t identical to the structures that word processors use to lay elements out on a page… so cutting & pasting will give you mixed results. You might experiment with pasting the images separately, by right-clicking on them in the browser, copying, and then pasting into Writer and moving around to your liking.

Oh weird, my first comment broke apart because I tried to type “invisible <div> containers” and “old <table> based design.” I guess html can be inserted a bit. I wonder if I can add


Try right-clicking on the images and change Anchor from As Character to To Paragraph. This should give you more options for how text wraps around them. When I experimented by copying & pasting a website into Writer, most the images were default anchored as character, which is probably why you are seeing the limited Edit Contour... option. Change the anchor to paragraph, and they might behave a bit more nicely.

After doing this you should see more options under Wrap.

image description

Thanks PhLo! I forgot I asked this question 3 years ago. In fact, even after reading it I did not remember it. But I just had the exact same problem, found your solution, tried it, and it worked perfectly. Man, I love getting advice from people who really know what they are doing.