Write: Automatic spell check does not flag all errors


I am using LO with Macos 11.4.
I see already selected for current document, Tools > Language > For All Text > English (Australia). And Tools > Automatic Spell Checking is on.

If I open an existing Word document with foreign words or errors, automatic spell check flags them. If I insert a new error to the same document (to test spell checking) by inserting the error and then using an arrow key to leave the word this is not flagged as an error. If I use the space bar to end the word as though I am typing, then the error is flagged.

This seems inconsistent. What do you think is happening?

Thank you for any advice you can give,

Not sure, but that may have been its behavior from the start. And I often found that an asset, because when you type a word that the spell checker doesn’t recognize but is still correctly spelled, that way you can prevent the curly underlining to appear. There may also be a reason behind it - that the spellcheck-as-you-type suggests that you exit a word by pressing the space bar, or another key that marks the end of a word, like Enter, a question mark, comma, etc. Leaving by arrow keys appears to be more a way of leaving a spot where you were editing existing text. You may file a bug report or enhancement request, but even if you get it accepted, it will take a while before it gets implemented. Until then, you know how to fix it - press the space bar if you want to have newly typed words checked.

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You can always click Tools > Spelling (F7) to check spelling on those words, even if they aren’t flagged with a red underline. This isn’t the same as clicking Ignore.

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Thank you for the quick reply, floris_v – what you say makes a lot of sense.

No need to file a bug report!

Thanks, EarnestAl – I’ll try that out.

As a workaround, toggle off and on Automatic Spell Checking (in menu Tools, or Shift+F7) to reveal all errors.

Thanks, LeroyG –


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