Write freezing on OSX 10.11.6

I write this out of some frustration, so please excuse the tone.

I am a bit frustrated with Libre Office. Why?

It freezes and becomes useless after a few hours of work. Please see attached. (Well, as it happened, I can’t upload a screen shot) showing the following:
CPU: 99.8. CPU Time: 1:50:04,94. Threads: 11, Idle Wake Ups 4.
The above is obtained from Activity Monitor.

I’m am using version:

I would strongly suggest that focus and efforts are directed on resolving such key functional problems, instead of introducing new shinny features to the suite. So, far, my only “fix” for this problem is to the program down and reopen it. And then it begins to work, for a while, and then again, shut it down and reopen. Hardly efficient.

Many thanks.

Thank you.