Writer, 2 column document; can I make one of the pages single column

I want to insert images on one page that is not 2 columns.

Yes, you can. There are several ways to go about it.

Resize - “just do it”

If it is only images and their captions, you can resize an image across the column divide. You can also insert a frame to have normal text accompanying the images. A frame can be resized “across the great divide”, just like the images.

Page styles - the structured approach

You can use a separate page style. Insert a page break and select a different page style for the new page. The “First page” style may be useful unless you have used that for something else. It is by default set up to change back to standard page style for next page. Creating a custom page style is also quite straightforward.

Sections - work to do

I usually insert sections for column setup, and keep the page setup full width. This allows for such things as full width headings over column-layout content.

The page style approach can to some extent be connected to the use of paragraph styles, so you have an automated layout. Sections do not facilitate automation as easily. IOW, the sections approach is a bit more flexible, but requires a bit more “manual labor”.

Also, it is fairly straightforward to work with sections from the outset, but modifying an existing document to use this method may require some experience. Do not do it on your original file. Make a copy. DON’T PANIC!

See also @EarnestAl’s answer, providing step by step guides.

Thanks, Keme. So, that’s what I did…just resized it, works fine. Will try the other ways another time.


There are two ways

  1. Create a page style for the single column page and one for the two column page. Where you want your single column page click Insert > More breaks > Manual break. In the dialog check the radio button Page Break, in the Style drop-down, select your single column page style, OK. Enter your pictures. Revert to your two column page style by the same method but select that in the drop-down.
  2. Insert a two column section in a single column page. This does not have to be a complete page and might not suit what you are doing. In a single column page where you want two columns click Insert > Section..., in the dialog that opens select the tab labelled Columns, select two columns and choose appropriate spacing, OK. Note that if you try and do a one column section in a two column page it will have no real effect as the section will remain within the column.

Cheers, Al

Thanks, Al. Will definitely try the 1st solution.