Writer 3.5 keeps crashing

Writer 3.5.0 regularly crashes when opening a template or a saved document. (Windows 7, 32 bit). Recovery doesn’t always work, but also crashes repeatedly. Are others having this problem?

I had this kind of problems. For example, in addition to random (frequent) crashes, clicking on Tools > Macros > Run macro… would reliably crash LibreOffice, every time.

In my case, the problem was related to Java. Go to Tools > Options… > LibreOffice > Java and select the correct JRE (it has to be a 32 bit JRE6 or JRE7, even on a 64bit OS).

How did I found out?

  • Deleting %AppData%\LibreOffice did not solve the problem for me
  • Reinstalling LibreOffice 3.5 did not solve the problem
  • Uninstalling LibreOffice 3.5 and installing 3.4 did not solve the problem.
  • Uninstalling LibreOffice and installing OpenOffice 3.5 did not solve the problem
  • Uninstalling Java worked (Well, sort of. Of course I couldn’t use macros, or any programs using Java)
  • Installing a 32 bit JRE7 did not solve the problem.
  • Installing a 64 bit JRE7 did not solve the problem.
  • Unchecking “Use a Java runtime environment” did not solve the problem (as long as I had a JRE installed, it would crash)
  • Selecting the correct JRE (32 bit JRE6 or 32 bit JRE7) worked

I never saw that as a general problem with WIN7 64Bit. Did you already check relation to these bugs?

I use LO on several 200 page docs…never seen this problem at all.

I run LibreOffice on two computers, and on one of them, I experience frequent crashes. I had problems opening spreadsheets based on a specific template, but this was fixed by deleting the user profile. However, no it crashes on a frequent basis using both calc and writer. Only use it for Base, while I tend to use OpenOffice for the other applications while I wait for updates. (On OpenOffice I experience frequent problems with OpenOffice Base, that was the main reason why I installed LibreOffice in the first place…)

The computer were LO crashes runs Windows XP, while the other one runs Windows 7. However, I use LO far more frequently on the XP computer (office) than on the Windows 7 (home computer).

@KML: Some feedback would be kind

Same problem here.

Here’s my hunch: So far what I can tell is that when I updated Java, I had to uninstall the old versions. Now I am trying to find the path to the new version, and I do not know where to locate it. Does anyone know?

I think I have the answer: Go to tools–> options–> select java —> select parameters–> Here’s the path (on Vista) to enter: C:\Program Files\Java\jre7 -->click assign–>OK So far so good.