[writer 5.2.1] Creating a whole right hand page as a footer-like object

Booklet. 50 leaves. 25 pages.

Left hand pages all have a common footer but differing content.
Right hand pages are ALL identical note-taking pages with lines.

For the lines, I’ve used double-spaced horizontal-rule paragraph style with a caption at the top of each page.

All good, but I can’t find a way of creating an “instance” of a page, and then creating “object” copies of them, so if I change one, all of them change.

My original idea was to create a “right hand only” header, or footer, that filled the whole page. But neither will extend the full way. Does that all make sense? Would it help if I attached what I’d done so far?

Pages don’t exist as objects or entities in Writer. All Writer knows about is the stream of characters that form words, sentences and paragraphs. The page size and margins settings define a frame into which the text is poured out, so to speak. When you change the margins, the paper size, or the font size, the text will adjust to fit in the new surroundings, and your original “page 28” will still be page 28, but with very different text “on” it. So you can’t grab the contents of a “page”, instead you have to select all text on that right page, copy and paste it 24 times.

You can use page styles to achieve what you want with less trouble. Use the inbuilt Left page for the left pages and the inbuilt Right page for the right pages. Make a graphic with lines on it for note taking. For the Right page style, enable Footer, then insert the graphic on a right page in the footer, then drag the graphic to where you want it on the page, leaving the anchor in the footer, so the graphic will show on all right pages. You should first try this in a “sandbox” document, of course.

Thank you - that taught me about anchors and stuff. Clever idea, but Lupp got the tick because I like the idea of the frame, which means I can easily and quickly change the style of the lines. I’ll give a +1 as soon as I get enough points to do so :slight_smile:

In addition to the advice by @floris_v I would suggest to consider using a frame inserted into the header for right pages instead of a graphical object. The frame on its turn may contain lines created by underlined paragraphs or as graphical elements or … You may (in a last step probably) also switch off the frame’s borders.

In any case you have to use the option ‘Wrap Off’ for the frame, thus forcing the flowing text of the document to continue on every next left page.

(Editing:) Sorry. I forgot to emphasise that the frame anchored to the paragraph inside the right pages header may well exceed the header’s area to any degree (as a graphical object also can).

That’s much better that a graphic, thanks for that.

Thank you! That’s very clever, and even though it felt hacky at first it works perfectly, . As soon as I get enough points I’ll give an upvote (+1 my question should get me there :wink:

Thanks - done :slight_smile: