Writer: (win32, macOS, deb8) Mail Merge (toolbar) personalised salutations not used or saved

LO v5.4.0.3 v5.3.4.2

macOS 10.12.4, WIn7 SP1 x86, Deb 8.6, amd64

when attempting a Mail Merge to e-mail recipients, selecting Adobe PDF and adding a personalised salutation for both Female and Male, the salutations are not visible in the drop-down after closing the New dialog - only the default

 Dear Mr/Mrs <Surname>,

are available.

Additionally, selecting a general salutation from the drop-down which is not the first item in the list, e.g.


which is the last item, the choice is once again ignored and only the default first general salutation of

To whom it may concern

is used

Partial workaround

New personalised salutations must be created at Step 3 in the Mail Merge Wizard to be available in the ‘Send e-mail messages’ Properties dialog even though they are not used (as document salutations).

Either the ‘New’ buttons in the dialog that appears after clicking ‘Properties’ in the Send e-mail messages dialog should be greyed, or this bug should be fixed and it should be possible to create new personalised salutations in either instantiation of the dialog.