WRITER: 54 pages in Doc, only 10 (if that) showing in Print Diologue

All of a sudden, files have been working with for months won;t.

54’t ages in the doc. Print previes says 10.

Have never changed any print settings. Went through everything listed on this forum - no dice.

No text selected, no fancy sections happening - nothing. Just text on a page with two very small jpegs on 2 of the pages.

Anyone know what the culprit is? Thank you !!


From the screenshot, I guess you’re under MacOS and you document is correctly saved as .odt. This should have been mentioned beforehand.
Also, this is not what is called Print preview but the print dialog with a sample set at the “current” page (or some selected with a control).
Give us more information about the structure of your document. Does it make use of several page styles? This is usually done to allow for several different headers across the document.
When I do this, both the display at left of the status bar and the page selection in the print dialog are faulty. Fortunately, this doesn’t prevent correct printing when you force the page numbers.

Have you tried to select pages:All (at the top of the dialogue below selection of the printer.)
The dialogue is set to print pages1 to 10, so preview contains 10 pages. Same behaviour I see here with my documents.
But I see it is misleading to have all pages also as an option in the writer section, as well as at the top below the selection of the printer.